Spring Brush

This is a new type of glass washing brush with a flexible wire. Even New Lily Pipe is easily cleaned. Small brush that fits curved pipe and flexible coil-like wire are equipped.

Article Code Length (mm) Item -
502-11 60 S(for 10mm diameter pipe) -
502-12 60 M(smaller than 13mm diameter pipe) -
502-13 60 L(larger than 17mm diameter pipe) -

Tube Brush

This is a special brush for cleaning the glass items such as Lily Pipe. The dirt hardly cleaned by Superge can be removed with the Tube Brush. Three size set is only available.

Article Code Brush Diameter (cm) Lenght (cm) -
502-21 0.5 10 -
1.0~1.4 20 -
1.5 20 -
1.5~2.6 20 -

Double Spring Brush

  • Stainless steel wire winding, brush a elastic deformation, resilient.
  • Cleaning brush with high density nylon wire production, has the good elasticity and not to drop the brush for spiral closely contact with water wall scrub more thoroughly clean.
  • Pipe cleaning brush and brush head in joint closely loose fall off not easily,powerful cleaning use more durable.
  • Article Code Lenght (cm) Item -
    502-31 160 Suitable for 9-30mm diameter tube to clean -

    Short Scissors

    Short scissors are designed specifically for trimming aquatic plants. it is great for pruning stemmed plants and pre-cutting aquatic plants before planting.

    Article Code Item Length (mm) -
    603-01 Straight type 145 -
    603-02 Curve type 145 -

    Trimming Scissors

    The special scissors developed for pruning the luxuriant stemmed plants. These stylish unique design scissors are functional and easily handled in the aquarium. There are two types of different blade, Straight type and Curve type. Please select one according to your needs.

    Article Code Item Length (mm) -
    604-01 Straight type 255 -
    604-02 Curve type 255 -

    Wave Scissors

    The Wave is used for various ways, such as detail trimming with high angle in small tank, and trimming in large area with low angle and trimming for foreground.

    Article Code Item Length (mm) -
    601-01 Wave Scissors 200 -

    Spring Scissors

    A compact Spring Scissors is the perfect tool for pruning Willow moss on the driftwood and for trimming off acicular and tercel individually in a small size aquarium. Please select the blade type, Straight or Curve, according to your needs. To close the scissors, push the handles in.

    Article Code Item Length (mm) -
    602-01 Curve type 160 -
    602-02 Straight type 160 -

    Grip Tweezers

    They are suitable pinsettes for Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus. The tip part is wider and thicker than normal Pinsettes and it can hold the plant stems tightly as grip on the tip is wider. Please select according to your preference depending on the shape of aquatic plants.

    Article Code Item Length (mm) -
    701-01 Grip Tweezers 270 -

    Cusp Tweezers

    They are the tweezers for professional use that focus on the spring strength, accuracy of tip part, and easy-to-handle length. Pinsettes are must-have item to make an elaborate layout. They are designed in the most suitable shape for Nature Aquarium to plant around stone, driftwood or space between aquatic plants easily.

    Article Code Item Length (mm) -
    701-02 S 160 -
    701-03 M 210 -
    701-04 L 270 -

    Curve Tweezers

    Planting between the driftwood and stones is quite difficult with conventional tweezers. Curve type makes such a delicate part of planting much easier.

    Article Code Item Length (mm) -
    701-05 Curve Tweezers 300 -

    Pro Tweezers

    Pro Tweezers are the tweezers for planting aquatic plants. Their grip transmits the holding power to the tips. This product design makes planting operation much easier even for beginners. Please select from 4 different sizes according to your needs.

    Article Code Item Length (mm) -
    701-11 S 175 -
    701-12 M 200 -
    701-13 L 255 -
    701-14 XL 300 -