Planaria Catch Pen

Planaria / Worm are a non-parasitic flatworm that could exist in our shrimp tanks due to lack of fish.They attach and eat any just molted and vulnerable shrimp. In order to remove these unpleasent organism, we can use this Catch Pen to remove planaria without chemical or medication.

Article Code Diameter (mm) Height (mm) -
110-01 Ø18 100 -
110-02 Ø18 140 -

Shrimp Cave

Providing a secure place and hideout for them and their fry.The breeding shrimps and fry are undisturbed, thus increase breeding rate.It can be wrapped or topped with moss to mimic their natural environment.

Article Code Diameter(one pipe) (mm) Length (mm) Number of tubes -
120-01 Ø17 70 3 -
120-02 Ø17 70 6 -

Shrimp Dish

Used in all kinds of ornamental shrimp and small tropical fish, alien rat fish etc. offer bottom biological feed, Can also be placed wheat stem bacteria, montmorillonite and other easy to crush objects, avoiding excessive food residue and impurities into the bottom sand and sediment gap and cause water pollution.

Article Code Diameter (mm) Height (mm) -
130-01 Ø60 20 -
130-02 Ø70 20 -

Hurl Food Pipe

Originality design of Bell mouth, fine workmanship; High quality glass material, easy to clean, does not fear the scratches, high transparency; Easy feeding all kinds of food, not floating to the aquarium, food feed directly into the dish.

Article Code Diameter (mm) Height (mm) -
140-01 Ø15 220 -
140-02 Ø15 270 -
140-03 Ø15 320 -
140-04 Ø15 370 -